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Jun 28, 2014

#ontherun #turnup #fashionista #beauty

Jun 25, 2014

Monochromatic Colors


Hello Ladies! I am back with some outfit inspiration to shake up your work wardrobe this week. Try  monochromatic colors! It is very easy to achieve this look. There are many colors you can wear this way: greens, yellow, reds, orange, white, blues, and pinks. You can pair the darker shade on the bottom or top. It is safe to wear the darker color on the bottom to draw attention away. However, that is exactly what I wanted to accentuate… LOL!

What colors do you look best in? This is the best place to start. Peering in your closet is a  good place to start. It is very likely you buy more of a certain color. Play around with a blouse/skirt combo, a blouse/slacks combo, or even a dress/heels combination. Ensure the colors are bright and complement each other. See above. The color purple is not exactly the same; one i darker than the other.

Next, search look for understated jewelry that pairs well with the combo above. Studs, hoops, ear cuffs, bracelets, or simple one-strand necklace. I opted for diamond-like studs and a couple of leather BCBG multicolored banded bracelets.

For the feet, choose a well-made shoe that stands out, but be sure it isn’t overbearing. A nice leather or suede sandal would work well. The look I went for was work appropriate and chic.

I bought these pants from J Crew and the top from TJ MAXX, it’s a Theory blouse. The shoes are DVF suede sandals. All these items were bought seasons ago. Do not worry about the old adage, “matchy-matchy.” Need some new pieces, try J Crew for inspiration. They offer great color palettes to work with and prior seasons colors still work well together! No I am not being paid to say that. I purchase all of my clothing darlings! 

NO FEAR!!! Check out a few outfit inspirations below. Have a fantastic week and remember to do it fashionably! 

For buying details, head over to my Polyvore page! 


Monochromatic Colors Monochromatic Colors
Jun 24, 2014 / 1 note

Lipstick Jungle


Over the last several weeks, I have been possessed with finding the right pink and red lipstick hues for me. I have scoured countless other blogs, Pinterest, and stores for my go-to shade. I am finding I am not as fortunate to be able to wear some of these fuchsias and pinks as I would like to. One of the first things I have realized, my skin is not as fair-skinned as I once believed. I am in the true brown-girl hue family with the likes of such famous ladies like Gabrielle Union and Keshia Knight-Pulliam.

Cameras and lenses gave me a false sense of what hues really worked for me. Instagram and those darn filters gave me a false representation of what colors truly worked for my deep brown hue. I have found that strong magenta, pink, and red are better fitted for my complexion. Whereas, bright, neon colors do not work for me. They make me appear washed out regardless if my foundation is flawless or nah!

After spending countless hours researching, hundreds of dollars, buying, and testing different colors, I have finally found my favorite shades: 1) MAC Retro Matte All Fired Up, 2) MAC Maleficent Collection Amplified True Love’s Kiss, and 3) MAC Mineralize Rich Bold Spring. These each are great singular or blended together for a magnificent finish. I found MAC to be the easiest to apply and last throughout the day of drinking tea and eating lunch. I love vibrant colors that allow me to exude the confidence that resides within. It’s a great little pick me up for any boring work ensemble.

Do you have any favorite, go to colors that perk your mood right up!

Lipstick Jungle Lipstick Jungle Over the last several weeks, I have been possessed with finding the right pink and red lipstick hues for me.
Jun 23, 2014 / 1 note

Box Braids

In case you do not know, I obsess over my hair. My hairstyle is dependant upon what I will wear that day. So as you all know, I made a wig. I have to say it turned out pretty well. I superglue the hair to a wig cap, along with a lace closure. However, I realized it was not able to withstand my lifestyle. I can be pretty active during the summer with 2 boys. I did not place the clips in the wig. I was never able to place the clips in secure enough and I also did not want to suffer any baby hair edge loss on my scalp.

I have been taking the vitamin Biotin for the last few months and it has helped tremendously. I had been wearing a braidless sew-in over the last year and had suffered hair loss, due to mismanagement. I made the unfortunate mistake of going to water park countless time with my kids last year. Unbeknownst to me, the chlorine had caused my hair to knot up around the beads. Yes I in tears after I realized how much hair I had lost. So I decided for the summer months I would not wear that hairstyle. So I had been perusing braid shops in the Belleville, metro-east area. I absolutely despise a messy and filthy shop. The appearance of a beauty salon makes a statement. If you are willing to allow me to step over trash and hair from last night’s jobs, you are probably a little careless and unprofessional. I can make that call in under 30 seconds.

So I walk in, it is dirty and the moment I ask to speak to a manager, it sets off alarm bells. Quotes for hairstyle is very important. You always want to have a point of contact and price in writing. Too many times before I have had braiders not show up or quote a brand new price the following day. For about 2-3 they spoke in French back and forth arguing over the price. I often ask myself, why are the prices not posted in full display for the customer?? That would be much easier. I think they set price upon your appearance and the car your drive. I felt like she was giving my an increased price. I was quoted $300 for box braids stopping in the center of my back. I thought it was kinda pricey and I did not care for the back and forth banter on whether it was $200-$300.

I left dissatisfied and pondered whether or not to go back. It is crazy the desperate length we as women will go for our hair huh, LMAO! I remembered my sister referred a young lady to me, Andi. I called this young lady last-minute. It was Friday, I needed hair braided on Saturday. She was down and I was ecstatic. She told me what hair to buy and gave perfect directions to her home. The braids came out perfectly and the price was right! I paid about $100.

Check out these pics. Also, I am very tender headed and I can say for the most part, I was pretty comfortable, minimal pain. I did take a 500 mg of Ibuprofen to ensure I would be comfortable. Contact me if you would like her contact information!

Box Braids Box Braids In case you do not know, I obsess over my hair. My hairstyle is dependant upon what I will wear that day.
Thunderstorms rolling in #beauty #nature #simplethings
Jun 21, 2014

Thunderstorms rolling in #beauty #nature #simplethings